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We provide America's #1 Health Insurance PPO Plans for Business Owners, Self-Employed, Families and Individuals.


At DaPrile Insurance Group, we understand Small Business and we understand Family! As a Small Business Owner or just someone looking for better choices in your Health Insurance, we will help you every step of the way!

We work hard to find the right PPO for you, so you can rest assured that you have the coverage you need for your health or accident insurance.

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If you own a small business, are self employed, or just want additional insurance coverage we are here for you!



As an Individual or a Family, you need health insurance that will meet your needs. With our PPO plans, you can choose your own doctors and customize your plan to fit your needs!

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As a Small Business owner, you need insurance that will still cover you while not breaking the bank! We work with Small Business and Self Employed to help you get the right coverage to meet your health needs.

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No one plans for an accident or critical illness, but they do happen! This additional coverage will fill the gap between Health and Life Insurance and cover costs that your health insurance doesn't.

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Your vision is an important part of your health that often gets left uncared for. Our affordable Vision Insurance will help you get your annual exam and corrective lenses if needed.



Regular dental exams and cleanings are vital to your dental health! Our affordable Dental Insurance will help you keep your mouth healthy and your smile great!



Add to your current insurance with a Supplemental Insurance Plan. This will help you cover any out of pocket expenses for critical illness, accidents, or hospitalization.


L. Robinson

Landon was incredibly helpful! I had 2 days to find coverage that worked for my family and he made it happen. Even over the weekend. He made it incredibly easy and with just a few phone calls. I’m so thankful I was referred to him by my sister. Best part is I know he’s my contact going forward for any questions I may need. I can just call him up.

B. Franklin

Landon takes the time to prepare and present what is otherwise a very complicated ordeal, and makes the purchase of health insurance easier for his clients. He also is available post purchase to advise and counsel. As a sales professional myself, I appreciate the "customer for life" approach Landon takes. I highly recommend his expertise and look forward to a long-term relationship with him.

D. Campbell

Thank you to Landon DaPrile for assisting me with {my insurance}. I've been without health insurance for almost two years because of the extremely high cost of premiums and higher deductibles. Landon was referred to me by a close friend who has had a wonderful experience. Landon takes great care to be thorough with his clients as well as giving them a personal touch in assisting them with claims and questions. I finally feel peace about my future healthcare needs.

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