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Family & Individual Insurance

When it comes to your health insurance, you have a choice.

Individual private health coverage plans are just a click away! 

Our PPO plans give you the freedom you need to choose the doctors and hospitals you want to see and pay a better price that is right for you and your family!

Let Landon and his team get you the plans you need to make an informed decision. It cost nothing to contact us, but it could cost everything if you don't!

Complete the form and someone will contact you as soon as possible!

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Landon DaPrile was so helpful in helping us find options for Health Insurance for my family. He was very honest, knowledgeable and he made me feel very confident that I was making an informed decision when I chose our plan. His customer service was outstanding. He goes into great depth when explaining each plan and how to get the best value for your buck and that suites your needs. Any questions he will answer with a call or a simple text right away. You will have a great experience if you work with him.

K. Sumrall

We provide America's #1 Health Insurance PPO Plans for Business Owners, Self-Employed, Families and Individuals.

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